Why IdaVista?

Do you need an increased web presence? Maybe you have no web presence.

IdaVista is your last stop. Not only do we design websites and provide hosting for you, we also have products that will integrate with your website.

With products like the "Trans-Roster" Auto Maintenance Reminder or the Info-Median you can promote your website by handing your customers or potential customers a business card that will connect them directly to your website.

The Trans-Roster is a progam that will track maintenance on vehicles. It can support a virtually unlimited number of vehicles. If you are an auto mechanic or if you own an auto parts store you can use this to not only draw in customers, you can also increase the number of return customers by giving them a business card cd that contains the auto maintenance reminder. View our maintenance schedule or download a fully functional sample.

The Info-Median is a program that comes on a business card that will connect people directly to your website as well as add related content to it in a e-book format.

The website Idavista.com is temporarily unavailable due to technical work on it.