About Craps Strategies

As per Webster, strategy is the name given to a carefully thought-out method or plan. So when we talk about craps strategy, we’re essentially talking about a well-thought-of method or plan for winning at the game of craps. If you’re someone who is desperately seeking a successful craps strategy, prepare yourself as you’re about to witness one! Millions of craps players throughout the world continue to lose at this game day-after-day, never learning their lessons. Many even argue that there’s no way of beating this game.

Here’s a quick fact for you – Every craps strategy you’ve ever been exposed to, has the potential to make you win…however, only under the right conditions!

Quite unfortunately, a large majority of craps strategies that are sold in the marketplace are marketed as being one size fits all kind of solutions. In fact, both new and seasoned craps players can be seen falling for such strategies, ending up losing their hard-earned money.

We’re sure you also must have come across at least one such strategy in the past. One that promised to make you walk into a Monte Carlo Casino with a £ 5 pound bill in your hand, and walk out with over £ 1000 in pocket! Regardless of the kind of table conditions you’re met with! And that too in less than half an hour!

Here’s another bitter fact for you – Even though such craps strategies do exist, and have the potential to deliver, majority of players using them may still end up on the losing side.

Why? Because if you’re someone who is used to losing, you’ll lose no matter what strategy you use. You’ll continue that trend just by reflex, unless you mentally condition yourself to win.

You may win couple of rounds using such strategies and soon find yourself on cloud nine. But, your excitement will soon get the better of you, making you sink back into your comfort zone, making you think that you’ve eventually got a winning strategy in your hands, a strategy that can’t be beaten. Soon, you’ll start ignoring the important rules and finally end up losing everything you had won.

It isn’t surprising that a large majority of lottery winners end up getting bankrupt inside five years of their winnings. We’d like to emphasise that very important point once again – it’s critical that you mentally condition yourself to win on a consistent basis. It means that you’ll need to shed your old behaviour patterns and habits, replacing them with newer ones.

In addition, you must comprehensively understand and abide by the limitations of the craps strategy you’re using. Hence, figure out the table conditions that best meet your particular strategy and once you’ve identified such conditions, pick your spots, make you wins and simply walk away.

Last but not the least, you should also be thoroughly aware of your financial limits. Never let go of more than 10% to 20% of your total winnings. If you do that, you might soon find yourself losing everything you had won.

To conclude, always remember:
- Find the right conditions,
- Prepare yourself mentally,
- Win while playing under those conditions,
- Don’t lose over 20% and
- Walk away after you’ve won the amount you had targeted.